Window accessories allow you to protect your window joinery against various weather conditions and maintain good thermal and sound insulation. Moreover, they also provide protection against unwanted insects getting inside. Some accessories also increase the safety of residents and improve ventilation in rooms. Therefore, in order to ensure the maximum comfort when spending time in your house or apartment, it is worth deciding on the purchase of appropriate accessories for win-dows or doors.

Accessories for windows and doors – wide range of products and competitive prices

We are perfectly aware of how important it is to choose the right accessories for windows to ensure the comfort and safety of the residents. Therefore, we spare no effort to make the offer of our store as diverse and varied as possible. Inwest-Profil accessories are a synonym of premium quality, relia-bility, high aesthetic value and at the same time very competitive prices. Feel free to check the full product portfolio available in our store. Should you have any questions or doubts, we will be glad to provide you with a reliable answer and assist you in selecting the right products meeting to your expectations

Exterior and interior window sills

Exterior window sills: aluminium, steel

Interior window sills: PVC, wood, agglomerate

Mosquito nets

The simplest and best protection against insects, even with open windows and doors.


  • fixed window (frame) mosquito nets
  • hinged mosquito nets installed on doors
  • sliding mosquito nets
  • roller mosquito nets

Interior roller blinds

A very popular form of protection from the sun, as well as a decorative element. A wide range of colours and fabrics allows to match the roller blind with the interior or façade decor.
The roller blinds shield against the sunlight in various ways – by diffusing the light (jacquard fab-rics) to complete blackout (rubber-coated fabrics).
Roller blinds can be used in casement side-hung, tilt and roof windows. Their position can be con-trolled allowing the roller blind to be stopped at any height.


  • standard roller blinds
  • mini roller blinds (with a line)
  • roller blinds in a cassette with guides


Interior blinds

horizontal blindsblinds – they perfectly protect the rooms against the heat; suitable forfor humid rooms, e.g. bath-rooms.
The variety of colours allows you to match the blinds with any interior. Horizontal blinds can be placed between the window panes or on the panes.

vertical blinds – they are most often fitted in offices and rooms of various institutions, although they are a decora-tive element for windows in many houses or apartments as well. They can be fixed to the ceiling, to the wall or in a window recess, they can be pulled out to one side or to both sides of the window.


Trickle vents

Installed in windows, they bring in air from outside in a continuous and controlled way. They play an important role in proper air circulation inside the building. Trickle vents allow fresh air to be de-livered into the rooms in accordance with current regulations even with tightly closed windows.

pressure-controlled and higro-controlled trickle vents
standard and soundproof trickle vents


Heat spacer

A heat spacer makes it possible to increase the thermal insulation of the window by retaining more heat in the house.


Handles, hand rails

Window handles of various types and colours: standard, with key, SECUSTIC.

A wide range of door handles and railings: hand rails, knobs, grips.