Aluminium windows

Aluminium windows – a solution for the most demanding customers

Aluminium windows are the most frequent choice among investors for large-scale buildings. How-ever, they are also gaining popularity in private homes. It is all due to the metal structure which is highly resistant to deformation. Aluminium windows perform much better in adverse weather condi-tions compared to conventional windows made of plastic. In addition, they have a significantly bet-ter insulation properties compared to standard passive windows. A huge advantage of aluminium windows appreciated by house users is high burglar protection.

Aluminium joinery

The Inwest-Profil offer includes the best aluminium window models of excellent quality. Our prod-uct range includes:

  1. ECONOLINE aluminium windows – the system used in this model is intended for a variety of indoor applications. The win-dows have no thermal insulation.
  2. IMPERIAL aluminium windows – the increased thermal insulation properties of the windows allows for the use of this model in residential and public buildings.
  3. SUPERIAL aluminium windows – these aluminium windows have high thermal insulation parameters, which makes them ide-al for use in the development of external elements of housing and public buildings.
  4. STAR aluminium windows – designed in particular for low-energy buildings and those undergoing energy renovation works. This model is characterised by the best thermal insulation parameters, increasing the thermal comfort even in standard buildings.
  5. ULTRAGLIDE aluminium windows – characterised by increased thermal insulation properties; they can be used in sliding or lift-and-slide structures. They are perfect for large glazing surfaces thanks to the stability and lightweight structure.
  6. VS-600 vertical sliding windows(SASH windows) – with a drive concealed in the profile, they can be opened vertically. The drive also enables the sash to be tilted, thus facilitating its cleaning.

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