Built-on roller shutters



Curtain (slats)



Box dimensions

230x170, 230x210, 255x240

Slat dimensions

39 mm - 52 mm

Guide rail width

60 mm


Built-on roller shutters, also called top mounted roller shutters or roller shutters mounted on the wall , are installed at the stage of building erection or during replacement of window joinery in the already existing build-ings. In the case of built-on roller shutters, the box is mounted directly on the window frame. Adap-tation profiles(guide rails) are attached to the external part of the window frame, after which the whole set is mounted in a window recess under the lintel. In this way, the box is completely en-closed from the inside and outside. The advantage of this type of structure is the fact that the roller shutter box is almost invisible after installation and the roller shutter itself seems to be an integral part of the window. Built-on roller shutters have a modern look fitting into the design of the build-ing.

Built-on roller shutters – opt for comfort and safety

The shutter boxes are made of high quality PVC elements and the inside is filled with foamed poly-styrene inserts, thus increasing the thermal insulation performance of the windows. Built-on roller shutters also constitute an additional protection against burglary. The built-on system, similarly to the adaptive and concealed system, makes it possible to integrate a roller shutter with a mosquito net, which effectively protects against bothersome insects. In the case of built-on roller shutters, the mosquito net is rolled up into the roller shutter box, thanks to which the roller shutters can be used independently. Thanks to the built-on roller shutters you will reduce your electricity and heating bills, with peace and quiet atmosphere ensured. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us or visit us meet us in our branch offices in Rzeszów, Krosno, Jasło and Bajdy.