Concealed roller shutters



Curtain (slats)



Box dimensions

137x137, 165x165, 180x180, 205x205

Slat dimensions

39 mm - 52 mm

Guide rail width

53 mm, 66 mm


Exterior concealed roller shutters are products installed primarily in newly constructed buildings. The decision to install them should be taken into account already at the building design stage. Installation of concealed roller shut-ters does not require interference with the window structure, however, before installation it is neces-sary to make a recess in the window lintel because that is where the box is placed. The front of the box is the base for any finishing material (e.g. plaster or clinker). Thanks to this solution, the roller shutter box is not visible, and therefore it does not affect the aesthetic appearance of the building. It is recommended to use thermal insulation between the wall and the roller shutter box, thanks to which the window lintel will be protected against freezing. In the case of concealed roller shutters, the access door is located outside the building, therefore all maintenance and service works take place without disturbing the privacy of the home users.

Concealed roller shutter – effective protection against external factors

Exterior concealed roller shutters have excellent sound and thermal insulation characteristics. The profiles are filled with polyurethane foam ensuring high insulation parameters of the roller shutters. Roller shutters installed on a window effectively muffle any external sounds, which is particularly useful when the building is located near a busy street. In winter, the lowered roller shutters effectively protect the building against heat loss, whereas on sunny summer days they do not allow heat to penetrate inside the building. Concealed roller shutters also protect window openings against damage and adverse weather conditions. Moreover, they are an effective way of protecting a building against burglary. Concealed systems, similarly to adaptive systems, can integrate an independently operating mosquito net, which is an effective protection against insects and pollen getting into the building. Should you have any ques-tions, feel free to contact us or visit us meet us in our branch offices in Rzeszów, Krosno, Jasło and Bajdy.