Aluminium Facades

Aluminium façades – modern building façades

Aluminium façades are the best solution for modern public buildings. They can be found in such places as: shopping and service malls, hotels, sports and leisure facilities or in office buildings. How-ever, this type of façades is also chosen by private investors who successfully use them in their houses. Why are aluminium façades so popular? Certainly, the amount of daylight entering the building determines their choice to a large extent. But that’s not all! Aluminium façades are all about elegance and freedom of building design. As a result, more and more often we can see buildings with an unusual, distinctive appearance.

Uniqueness, durability and energy efficiency of aluminium façades

Aluminium façades are the equivalent of unique appearance, durability and energy efficiency. Thanks to aluminium façades we can create spatial structures and roof glazing. The aluminium mate-rial used manufacture the façades has exceptional static properties, even in the case of large surfac-es. Aluminium façades are highly resistant to corrosion and various types of mechanical damage. Besides, they perform well in adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow and wind. Thanks to these properties, aluminium façades provide the possibility to design energy-efficient buildings with a unique as well as traditional appearance. Very good thermal and sound insulation parameters make aluminium façades used so often in construction industry nowadays.

Inwest-Profil aluminium façades

Inwest-Profil aluminium façades are a synonym of high quality combined with a diverse range of products. We offer aluminium façades of various structures and external appearance. Currently, al-uminium mullion and transom façades, which perfectly match current trends in the construction in-dustry, are the most common choice among customers. Moreover, at Inwest-Profil, each client may choose from among aluminium façades containing specific custom solutions. Investors focusing on modern architecture are recommended to contact us so that we could select the best aluminium fa-çade. Feel free to visit our branches in Rzeszów, Krosno, Jasło and Bajdy or contact us by phone.