PVC windows PSK tilt-and-slide window

PSK (tilt-and-slide) windows are manufactured using standard window profiles. Sliding of the sashes is possible by using a special hardware fitting mechanism. After turning the handle from the closed position, the sash slides out into the room, perpendicularly to the window plane, and then moves aside. The windows also feature a sash tilt function, which allows for free ventilation of the room. When opening, as well as after opening, such doors do not take up any space inside.


Opening method



5,6 or 7-chamber system

Sash depth

70-86 mm

Frame depth

70/80/86 mm

Glazing package thickness

from 24 to 53 mm

Maximum sash width/height

1600/2300 mm

Thermal insulation

Uw = 0,73 W/m2K

Sound insulation

Rw up to 47 dB

Air permeability

up to class 4

Water tightness

up to class 9A

Wind resistance

up to class B5



  • Structures: balcony, patio or conservatory development to structures suitable for pub-lic buildings and commercial facilities.
  • The HST door system enables aesthetic and functional development, comfortable for users, while giving the possibility of a very efficient use of space in the building


Possible patterns