PVC windows

PVC Windows

PVC windows, also called plastic windows (PCV), are some of the most frequently selected win-dows by both individual customers and investors in the construction sector. They gained their popu-larity due to their high resistance to mechanical damage and adverse weather conditions as well as durability. This makes them a perfect solution performing very well in every season of the year. The choice of PVC windows made of high-class plastics ensures easy and comfortable use. Moreover, good quality plastic windows mean energy savings and safety against unwelcome visitors. A great advantage of PVC windows is their relatively low price to quality ratio, which to a large extent de-termines the frequency of the choice of this type of windows.

PVC windows – modern design and versatile use

The material used for production of PVC windows is characterised by high plasticity during pro-cessing. Thanks to this, there is a possibility to create custom windows of different shapes, tailored to the investor’s individual arrangement. The exception is PVC roof windows which must maintain a quadrilateral shape. The universal design of plastic windows allows for their use in modern and traditional buildings. What is more, we can order PVC windows in any colour we wish, so we do not have to limit ourselves in our vision of a dream building. Without a doubt, window joinery is a wonderful element that emphasises the architectural character of the house.

PVC window systems

Inwest-Profil offers a wide range of top quality PVC windows so that each customer can choose the ideal model to meet their requirements. Individual models of windows offered by us differ in func-tionality and appearance so that we can easily match them to any interior and the building façade. We offer PVC windows in a variety of colours, textures and grains as well as windows in colours imitating for example wooden windows. The range of our products includes PVC windows of standard dimensions as well as windows enabling the creation of large glazing surfaces which are very popular in modern construction. You can purchase PVC patio windows, balcony windows and sliding windows from us. Our product range includes:

  1. PCV EURO-DESIGN 70 windows - they feature a narrow profile structure which increases the surface of the glass. As a result, more light enters the room. A wide range of colours and shapes allows you to adjust the window to your individual preferences.
  2. PVC BRILLANT-DESIGN windows - high thermal insulation properties and safety are the main advantages of this model. The BRILLANT-DESIGN range includes windows in 3 burglar resistance classes, depending on the user needs.
  3. PVC REHAU SYNEGO windows – energy-saving windows characterised by high thermal and sound insulation properties. They allow for the reduction of heating costs and ensure the safety of household members.
  4. PCV GENEO windows – these are the windows with the best energy efficiency parameters designed for passive houses. This model saves up to 76% energy. In addition, they ensure the best sound insula-tion and high burglar resistance.
  5. PVC PSK tilt-and-slide windows – this model makes it possible for you to save space in the room when the window is open. The tilt system provides comfortable ventilation of the room without the necessity to open the whole window sash.
  6. PCV SYNEGO SLIDE windows – this model uses an innovative sliding system solution in both traditional and patio win-dows. As a result, we can easily open the window without any collision with furniture placed in the room.


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