Roller shutters

Aluminium exterior roller shutters made of top quality materials fulfil three important functions in our house:

They provide excellent thermal insulation – outdoor roller shutters have been developed mainly to improve the energy balance of the building. In winter, they significantly reduce heating costs, while in summer they provide pleasant coolness and, if necessary, semi-darkness (e.g. in the bedroom).

They protect your privacy and ensure tranquillity – roller shutters increase the feeling of both safety and freedom at home, as well as pleasant silence. Exterior roller shutters have good insulating properties protecting you from the noise or light from outside. The option of incorporating a mosquito net into the roller shutters additionally provides effective protection against insects.

They provide an effective anti-burglary barrier – thanks to well-thought-out structure and appropriately selected raw materials, roller shutters pro-vide effective protection against potential burglars.

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