PVC patio Synego Slide doors

Sliding doors and windows are sometimes associated with a lot of effort that you have to put into closing and opening them. If you have had such associations too, the Synego Slide will change them completely.

It is a sliding door system that can be opened and closed with ease, in a few simple movements. In the blink of an eye, you can open up your space joining the room with the garden behind the door, with a minimum of effort.


Synego Slide also means freedom. Freedom of design, freedom of furniture arrangement as your favourite couch and bookcase can be located exactly in the place you wish – there will be no clash when opening the patio door. Speaking of the patio, we have an additional convincing argument for you to check out the Synego Slide at Inwest-Profil – the light! The huge amount of light that enters your rooms thanks to the Synego Slide is well worth the attention.

The sun comes in, but the rain does not. With the new locking mechanism, the sliding element is pressed evenly against the frame. Together with a gasket fitted around the door and window perim-eter, this creates a high degree of sealing – even in the case of heavy rainfall.

Discover modern architectural possibilities and new room design concepts. Sliding windows and doors in the SYNEGO SLIDE profile system are sure to surprise you with their possibilities.

Come and see them for yourself.