Aluminium windows Ultraglide

The system is intended for designing:

• in the residential building facilities, mainly individual houses and public buildings.
• sliding or lift-and-slide structures with increased thermal insulation properties
• large glazing surfaces, which provides excellent performance in terms letting more daylight to the interiors and facilitates their arrangement, while maintaining stability, functionality and lightness of the structure.
• two-, three- and four-element combinations possible on the basis of the two-track system.

A system adapted to the latest thermal insulation, aesthetics and safety requirements.

Available system options: UG version with low threshold, UG - 90° angle solution.

Thanks to its parameters, ULTRAGLIDE system enables designing structures with very large di-mensions of the sliding leaves:

max leaf height Hs=3300 mm and max leaf width Bs=3500.

3 ,5 and 7-chamber frame.
Possibility of using different types of core (single or double glazing).

Wide range of colours – RAL colours, structural colours, Aliplast Wood Colour Effect, anode, bi-colour.