Wooden windows

Wooden windows – an investment for years

Although it might seem that wooden windows are not as popular as they used to be a dozen or so years ago, nothing could be further from the truth. Investors are increasingly opting for wooden windows because of their universal and future-proof character. Wooden windows fit perfectly into modern construction trends as well as traditional designs. Wooden window joinery gives the build-ing an elegant and unique look. Besides, if we take care of the maintenance and protect high quality wooden windows we have the opportunity to enjoy their appearance for up to 100 years!

Wooden windows – properties

Wooden windows are characterised by unique durability and resistance to mechanical influences. They are tight, rigid and have low thermal expansion properties, which makes them suitable for large glazing surfaces. If we decide to use wooden windows we can easily adjust their colour to the over-all arrangement of the building. Even after a few years or several decades we can change the colour of the windows depending on our preferences. In case of minor damage or scratches we can easily repair them and continue to delight in their natural beauty. Wooden windows are the best option for those who care about the environment

Wooden windows – the unique climate of wood

Wooden windows offered by Inwest-Profil are a guarantee of quality with special attention to the smallest details. We use only selected wood in the production of our windows to ensure comfortable use for a long time. By choosing our windows you can be sure of fantastic thermal insulation and sound insulation properties as well as safety. Our offer includes three system windows with the depth of 68 mm, 78 mm and 92 mm. A wide range of shapes and colours allows you to adapt wooden windows to any interior design, giving it unique elegance. In addition, our offer in-cludes wooden SASH windows (sliding, top-bottom) and wooden CASEMENT windows (outward opening), which are dedicated in particular to the UK and Irish market.


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